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The origins of TRIO Ecobuild & Civils Group roots down to a complex and diversified past; three business aspects, all geared towards sustainability — offering high-end service delivery techniques with improved environmental policies on economic and infrastructural development in an equitable and viable respect for a better social wellbeing.

Established on the 19th day of June, 2018, TRIO Ecobuild & Civils Group is an engineering and investment Partnership engaged in architectural designing, construction and real estate investment for the provision of affordable residential, social and retail structural space through environmental preservation, and economic proficiency for an improved social wellbeing and sustainability.

We exist to deliver superior, high quality, low margin, and durable products and services of a satisfactory stature to the customer’s delight.


Architectural Services
Sale of Plots and Property
Project Management and Supervision

Our Vision

To become the icon of social competence and transformational development through a systematic design process for innovation while ensuring enviro-friendly procedures for sustainabilty.

Our Mission

We exist to deliver excellent services that is clientele worth through perfoance, innovation, and transformation to ensure social inclusion and equity for social-economic development.

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